ORIGINALLUXURY: Pioneering Transparency Through Technology in the Luxury Sector


Empower the luxury industry with up-to-date knowledge from academia and insights from the technology sector.


Position the luxury sector at the forefront of transparency and traceability best practices.


Drive measurable advancements in transparency and traceability for luxury brands by adopting innovative technologies.

ORIGINALLUXURY, initially known as THE INDEX, was established as a collaborative venture between E4S , UNIL-HEC, IMD, The Swiss Center for Luxury Research and OriginAll, with the primary objective of assessing transparency and traceability initiatives within the luxury sectors.

A year in, a particular focus on technology's role in amplifying transparency, traceability, product security and data integrity was made. Hosted by the Swiss Center for Luxury Research, our consortium of over 50 luxury brands and 14 technology partners serves as a hub for academic research and insights and is dedicated to analyzing, assessing and displaying the newest digital innovations that can empower brands and customers with relevant and intuitive information, fostering responsible decision-making. More than just a resource and research center, being it through our events, workshops, online platforms or the ORIGINALLUXURY LAB, our goal is to facilitate collaboration, encourage knowledge exchange and best practices, as well as provide networking opportunities for industry professionals, technology experts, and global specialists in the luxury industry.

Founding Partners

  • OriginAll
  • E4S
  • SCLR
  • UNIL
  • IMD
  • EPFL
Project History

Project History

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ORIGINALLUXURY: Impact and Future

Driving measurable advancements in transparency.

Positioning the luxury sector at the forefront of transparency best practices.

Paving the way for unparalleled transparency through technology and knowledge.