Technology Partners

  • Alpvision
  • arianee
  • Atlantic Zeiser
  • Authentia
  • The Aura Blockchain Consortium
  • Authentic Vision
  • Crane Authentication
  • Digital Partners
  • Diatech
  • Dynamic Element
  • Equal Profit
  • iTraceiT
  • Opsydia
  • Provenance Proof
  • Sarine
  • SmartStamp
  • Sourcemap
  • tracr
  • Tracemark
  • zatap
Technology Partners

Innovating for Transparency in Luxury

At the core of our mission to enhance transparency in the luxury sector, we proudly collaborate with 14 exceptional tech partners. Each brings a unique set of skills and innovative technologies, collectively contributing to a more transparent, responsible, and sustainable luxury industry.

Diverse Expertise: Our partners specialize in various technologies, including blockchain, AI, and advanced tracking systems, all tailored to meet the specific needs of the luxury sector.

Unified Goal: Together, we are committed to providing solutions that offer heightened transparency, from the source to the end consumer. Our partners' contributions range from ensuring the authenticity of materials to tracking the lifecycle of luxury products.

Collaborative Success: This synergy of expertise and technology among our partners is pivotal in setting new standards for accountability and sustainability in the luxury industry.

We invite you to explore the innovative solutions provided by our tech partners, each playing a crucial role in transforming the luxury sector into a paragon of transparency and integrity.


Dive deeper into the innovative world of our technology suppliers and discover the valuable contributions of our members, including leading brands and suppliers, by exploring our 'Technology For Transparency' report. A gateway to a wealth of insights and pioneering solutions shaping the future of transparency in the luxury industry.

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