Revolutionizing the Jewelry Market with Fairmined Certified Gold

In the realm of transparency and technology, our company stands as a pioneer in the gold sector. Specifically, we take pride in being the forefront entity when it comes to these two crucial elements. Our distinction lies in having developed the world’s first and only traceable Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC). This chemical compound holds significant importance in the gold plating industry, particularly in the realms of jewelry, numismatics, and electronics.

The gold utilized in the production of this chemical compound is Farimined certified, sourced from the Iquira and Chede Mines. We adhere strictly to the Fairmined standard, subjecting our entire supply chain— including the mine, refiner, plater, jewelry, numismatic, and technology companies to periodic third-party audits. The emphasis on transparency is paramount, and the Fairmined standard plays a pivotal role in ensuring accountability.

Every gram of GPC is meticulously tracked and accounted for using the state-of-the-art Fairmined Connect software. Within this framework, each certified entity within the Fairmined supply chain dutifully reports their transactions. This meticulous reporting process is a testament to our commitment to transparency, allowing for a comprehensive and traceable record of every step in the journey of our Fairmined-certified GPC.

In this concise and efficient supply chain, each gram of gold undergoes meticulous tracking and accountability. The robust standards set for each participant in the supply chain are rigorously upheld, with regular third-party audits ensuring compliance.

Utilizing the advanced Fairmined Connect technology, coupled with a stringent standard that guarantees both traceability and transparency, we are proud to offer a level of openness supported by a framework that ensures the traceable journey of every gram of gold.

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