Saskia Shutt

Saskia Shutt

Bespoke Handmade Jewellery

Saskia Shutt, a Belgian-British jewellery designer, specializes in crafting bespoke jewellery using responsibly sourced silver, gold, platinum, and gemstones. All her creations are meticulously handmade in her Brussels workshop.

Saskia’s bespoke creations are composed of precious metals and gems. Usually working to order, Saskia either remodels customers’ old gold, or sources precious metals and stones herself.

"As a goldsmith, I believe that I have a responsibility towards the artisan precious metals mining communities. Therefore I am an active member of the Ethical Metalsmiths and Fair luxury. The Ethical Metalsmiths also have a fundraising project "Better without Mercury"“". To eradicate the use of mercury in the small scale mining industry. Help us raise the funds needed to eliminate mercury, a toxic product for humans and planet, from the mining industries."

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